Benefits of A Kids Teepee Tent

Kids Teepees

Why ChanteezSA Kids Teepees?

Teepee tents have many advantages, and their scale and form render them ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. The tents are often readily adaptable to all ages, from little kids such as babies to slightly older kids who choose to read or play in a peaceful room. According to the Health Department, children aged one to five years need to be involved in play for at least three hours during the day and this provides them with the perfect platform. 

A crucial approach to guarantee that the children maintain the proper standards of physical activity is to incentivise active play. There's a lot to appreciate about teepees for kids. Great for creative play, a teepee is where kids will hang out with their favorite toys and books. Parents are often major fans of teepees, since they are compact and easy to assemble and disassemble. Probably best of all, teepees for kids are an inexpensive toy that can create many good memories with years of fun.

Kids Teepees are wonderful for:

  • Nook Reading - A children's teepee tent provides an ideal nook for fiction. Having a stack of books and exploring them in their unique room allows extra enjoyable time. For children who love to read or who you are seeking to inspire to read, it will bring an extra level of fun.
  • Pretend Play - In general, a children's playhouse provides wonderful chances to pretend to play and to inspire children to use their creativity. Children love to claim to have a home of their own and to visualize themselves as being self-sufficient. Moreover, a children's teepee tent offers them a whole new atmosphere for their imaginary games. They will claim to be in the woods and learn abilities for their survival. Children could make-believe that they are in the Wild West, while building their shelter.
  • Role Play and Social Competencies - A children's teepee tent will promote role play that helps empower children to become more autonomous and self-confident. Children will play a part in setting up their tent for play, hunting and harvesting, and cooking meals. These behaviors may, on their own, come mostly under the pretense of playing with a sibling or acquaintance, playing a part, and exercising their social skills. Kids are going to have to co-operate, set constraints, obey rules, bargain, and speak up for themselves.
  • Playing Outside - Kids Teepees may be set up indoors or outside, so it is a great reason to go outdoors to play when the weather requires. The tent can inspire a child to play outside and can offer protection from the heat or cover from the wind at the same time. This will make the child's outside playtime more enticing and more comfortable for the them. Outdoor recreation continues to facilitate, at the same time, more involved athletic play. Kids will play tag and make the teepee a base for their outside games where they pause in between.
  • Confidentiality and unstructured games - For a kid's playhouse, another use is to give them a room that they know is their little retreat from the rest of the world. A children's teepee tent will serve as their escape - a sense of feeling safety, adventure, and power. It is nice for kids to have a special spot that they know is only for them, whether they use their kids teepee tent to organize their stuffed animals in their way or to hold private office meetings with their peers. It provides a great foundation for their unstructured games.