How a bean bag can help your back

A bean bag is a way of letting you relax and unwind as an item of furniture that is an inexpensive piece of comfort seating, but it may also be a gateway to your health and well-being. When we think about health, especially in terms of ergonomics and relaxing, we need to ask the question "are bean bags healthy?" 

A Little History of Ergonomics

Ergonomics is an ancient concept. Tools built to make work simpler were developed by predecessors of modern man-probably even cavemen. They didn't use the words ergonomics, of course, but they recognised the idea of constructing instruments to suit the human body and the way it moves naturally. Inventors tended to appreciate ergonomics as civilisation progressed. The Second World War and the combat machines used during fighting, in specific aircraft cockpits, used ergonomics to arrange complicated controls such that they could be better accessed and controlled by flight crews.

During the war, ergonomics saved lives. This has helped pilots not crash planes. Fast forward to the new workplace, where handouts with stretching activities written on them are issued to staff. Specially built tables and chairs are also given to people for such medical disabilities. In the last few years, we've read so much about it that ergonomics isn't the corporate buzzword it was a decade or so earlier. Perhaps we take it for granted, but it's still relevant.

Ergonomics and the Bean Bag Chair

For people who suffer from back injuries, physicians prescribe bean bags, these chairs are used to avoid these health conditions. The filling used in bean bag chairs adapts and changes to your posture to accommodate your sitting or lying role. It relieves strain on the muscles and helps to alleviate discomfort. Only think how comfortable a person looks when, after hours of sitting, they fall into the warmth of a bean bag chair.

When you think of the configuration of a traditional office chair, you'll recognise that people who operate on machines for long hours suffer from backaches, joint aches and headaches. Many office chairs are on wheels or, even worse, fixed square-shaped pain stationery structures which are uncomfortable. You rotate your body any time you look for something as you sit in these seats. Consequently, leading to backaches.

The space between you and your computer screen is regulated. Adding on the strain of headaches and eye strain.  Traditional office furniture breaks most of the rules of ergonomics.

Bring on the bean bags!

Are bean bags healthy?

A resounding yes is the answer. They are a gateway to relaxation, but the most obvious explanation for safe bean bags is that they support individuals suffering from back issues. About 1,million South Africans have back issues induced by bad posture, according to statistics. Bad posture in other areas of the body may cause rounded shoulders, headaches, and discomfort, selecting the right seat is crucial for our posture.

How are bean bags healthy?

In so many different forms, literally and mentally, they function well.

The benefits of bean bags on back pain

Bean bags are, ergonomically speaking, particularly therapeutic for back pain. Due to poor posture patterns, many people suffer a large amount of back pain. Whether it's watching TV, playing video games, or using our phone, we both spend a large amount of time lying back, because there's nothing else we want to do than lie down on a couch or a sofa and chill. However, with the stance, a hard couch will create issues.

Tips For Looking After Your Back When Using A Bean Bag

You may worry about how you will get onto your bean bag when you have a bad back. You may need to lower yourself down comfortably with the lowered seating location. You don't need to lean down on it, like you would for a chair or a mattress.

You may be in a position that is more akin to being laid down while you are on your bean bag. Getting up from a laid down position may take some getting used to.

Kneel next to the bean bag instead of only sliding straight back onto the bean bag. You can steadily do this, make sure that the back is held straight and erect. You will continue to lower yourself into the bean bag while in a kneeling stance, rotating as you do so. Be sure even when you do something, you use your arms to protect you.

Again, when it is time to get up from the bean bag, you may want to use care to keep your spine from doing any damage. This time, you will want to turn yourself over and get into a kneeling position slowly. From your kneeling position, keeping your back straight wherever possible, you should start to stand up.