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Kids Teepee tent

Ever notice how your little one constantly seems to be constructing a just-for-kids hideaway somewhere in the house? Children will take whatever they can get their little hands on to cobble together the perfect improvised fort, whether it's with the cardboard box you've designated for recycling or with your decorative pillows and couch cushions. Well, introducing Chanteez Teepee Tents, a portable, durable hideaway that looks great in a nursery, playroom or just as lovely in the family room. Not surprisingly, a teepee for children's play has become a favorite among kids and their parents. We have an entire range of quality and affordable children's teepees and play teepees and will have you and your kiddo covered from the ground up.

What to look for when buying a Teepee Tent for Kids?

Space: Kids teepees come in different sizes, so it is necessary to take into account your space constraints. Consider the room capacity in which it will be placed -  in your child's bedroom, in the playroom or in the living room. My personal preference is to buy a larger teepee (to read stories to your children in) that can accommodate either yourself or multiple children at once. Our Chanteez XL teepees are perfect for this. Remember that our teepees fold up really small too, so you can fold it away quickly and easily when you don't want it to be left opened all the time. 

Outdoor or Indoor: This needs to be considered as not all teepee tents are constructed from the same material. Consider the width of the dowels and weight of the fabric and elements such as waterproofing materials etc. 

Design & Features: Their designs and array of beautiful colours and prints will create a fun place to play for your kids. Since teepees can be placed almost anywhere, they are often fashioned for indoors, but can certainly be utilised for outdoor use too and provide great shelter from the sun for the little ones. 

For Both Babies & Kids: Since some come with additional accessories, you will need to read more about each particular product, but generally, parents buy these for children as a baby teepee or for an older child’s playhouse.

Ease of set-up: Chanteez teepees come fully assembled and all that's left for you to do, is to unfold it and set it up. Erecting the teepee is hassle-free and can be done in under a minute.  Folding the teepee away is another easy process and this is quickly achieved by bringing the dowels together and rolling it up, as one would an umbrella. This makes for easy storage too.

What Is A Kids Teepee Tent Without Accessories?

Did you know that your child's teepee would look great with a number of accessories? Based on the games they like to play, you can even customize them.

Let’s Go Camping

One exciting idea is to imagine that you are camping in the forest. You can do it as a family; trust me, your kids are not the only ones that will love the experience! Get the axe, chop some wood together, make a campfire, and roast some marshmallows for some all-round fun! It is definitely going to be an event to remember.

Throw In Some Beautiful pillows

If you have a baby or a toddler, their kids teepee tent may be a welcome spot for their nap. Add some comfort pillows, and give the teepee the last touch by decorating its top with stars. The teepee can also be used, as a cozy little storytelling nook for you.

Add Some Lights

String lights are also a fun accessory; your kids will love staying at their teepee for the night. Surrounded by some pillows, a warm throw, and pretty string lights, this would be the ideal dream setting.

For children, a teepee tent is a great product, as you can see, Teepees allow them to share with you and their friends a tiny, exclusive place. With so many different styles, patterns, and accessories, it might be a bit challenging to choose the best teepee for your children. How to choose the best? Contact us for help!

Original Chanteez Teepee Tents 

The original teepees that were once used by nomadic Native Americans crossing the plains of North America were made of canvas. They were durable and easy to repair and quick to set up and take down. Today, we follow the same practical guidelines and parents of rough-and-tumble tots will agree, they make a great  kids gift option. 

These are the three benefits of kids teepees:

  • Imagination is set free.
  • Children can let their fantasies run wild. They will turn their teepee into a fortress, into a castle, into a house, into a hidden room, or whatever their minds are set on.
  • They can come up with the greatest tales and adventures whilst playing. Teepees, by encouraging creative play, contribute to the growth of the mind of your child. Through fantasy playing, your children develop narrative and speech abilities. By inventing a topic or the beginning of a story, help your child get started and let them play it out.

Physical Development

Playing in a teepee requires some movement, such as crawling and turning, which is extremely important for healthy development since movement helps coordinate the hemispheres of the brain.

In addition, children have to plan their movements when getting in and out. A teepee is a perfect location for toys to be played with, including building blocks and puzzles that require fine motor skills. Kids love the concept of small spaces and secret corners. The ideal quiet place they need to play away from the external world's disruption, is a teepee.


Teepees for children are fun, when others are also included. If children play together, they learn how to:

  • Interact with each other,
  • Negotiation for provisions
  • Navigate within their personal space
  • Be considerate to other children's desires
  • Our teepees for children allow your baby to play, learn, explore, and socialize.
Kids Teepee Tent