Our Story

Twin blessings in 2017 sparked a passionate, mom-trepreneur who traded years of corporate life for quality family time. From humble beginnings back then, we’re proud of how far we’ve come, yet remain committed to growing this family business and performing even better. Our  "Modern Family" consists of Mom, Dad, Teenager and Twin Toddlers, so we've experienced the ups and downs of every day family life.......and still learning as we grow.  

Our collections are all handmade, locally produced and Proudly South African 🇿🇦 Great care is taken throughout the manufacturing process to ensure we provide quality products that we can be proud of. From fabric selection to sanding, stitching and sewing we always have your satisfaction top of mind.

Our aim is to bring Small Business Values, tailor made offerings, flexibility and individual attention to your shopping experience. Please browse through our product gallery and experience shopping with ChanteezSA for yourself.

Your comments, questions and suggestions are always welcome as we continue to seek ways in which to grow and improve. 


A Teepee Tent is one of the products we are most proud of!

Have you ever seen your toddler in the corner of the living room attempting to create his/her own hideaway for themself? You might have noticed them as active as a bee attempting to use pillows, sheets, clothing, and practically everything they may lay their hands on to create a temporary hideaway. It's high time that you helped your kid create a hideaway in the house for them. Get one of our trademark Chanteez Kids Teepee Tents from our online store.

It is often a desire for each human being to create their own home and the same happens to our children as well, so let them enjoy the activity of building their own home. They’re always active and ready to construct or destroy things around the house, often they examine all of our drawers to look for something, but this is only an indication that they’re looking for something to do.

A kids teepee tent is an awesome addition to a child's playroom that you can give your child. It is realistic, enjoyable, beautiful, and sturdy for children's play. Besides that, as a comfortable space, your child could take a nap in it.

Tent Teepee For Boys

There are teepees, which are built for boys. The boys' tents come in the colors a boy would like. For eg, in black, blue, grey colors, teepee tents for boys are so much fun, that most boys would appreciate. If a kid loves the look of the teepee tent you got for him, he's going to love playing in it.

Tent Teepee For Girls

Girls' Teepee tents are cute and available in softer colours that girls prefer. Teepee tents for girls are mainly accessible in pink and purple colours that girls like. Girls' colors help stimulate their ingenuity and imagination so that they can have more fun at playtime. Therefore, while purchasing a tent, keep your child's gender in mind.

Materials Used For Tents

Another considerable aspect to remember is the material used to construct the teepee tent. How long the tent will last will be decided by the material used. Most teepee tents are constructed of fabric, rendering them highly sturdy.

Often, whether the tent will be used indoors or outside will be decided the material used. Get a tent that can be used both indoors and outside, if possible, to make it more appropriate for wherever your child needs to play.