Why you need bean bag chairs - part 1

We tend to spend more and more time out in the open air while the weather warms up. It is a privilege to place your feet up after a hard working day, take a book and relax while enjoying the warmth. And the idea of asking friends to dinner springs to mind as the weekend begins. To spend time easily, though, one should suggest buying comfortable outdoor furniture. Bean bag chairs are a perfect alternative.

We stock a broad variety of bean bags to pick the one that fits your body better and satisfies your needs best. And the incredible part is that nearly any hue in the rainbow flourishes in the spectrum of our fabric shades!

Deciding on bean bags - you can create original, unique and what’s the most important thing, a really comfortable lounge zone at your home (or office or other places you’ve chosen to fill with furniture) on the outdoor terrace, yard or even by the swimming pool, giving yourself a great chance to enjoy your morning coffee or some meeting or party with your family or friends right under the summer sky. But how do you know which bean bag is suitable for outdoor use?

The most important and significant guideline when picking an outdoor bean bag is the fabric. Ours is reversible AND water-repellant.

Bean bag chairs have a low maintenance cost

Although in certain years, conventional furniture can cause you to repair them, a good quality bean bag will last a lifetime. This style of chair needs no installation and can conveniently be relocated from one position inside the home to another. A good quality bean bag chair would cost a fraction of an office chair; therefore, particularly when the efficiency of office workers is needed, it can be a wise investment.

Bean bag chairs are environmental friendly

To produce traditional home furniture, millions of trees are cut down everyday, but a bean bag is manufactured without the use of trees, so it makes it a perfect eco-friendly piece. In comparison to traditional chair making, high quality bean bag chairs are packed with shredded padding, and there is no furniture included in their design, which comes from deforestation methods that generate extreme environmental contamination and lead tremendously to global warming. Buying an eco-friendly bean bag chair ensures you add to tomorrow's greener ones.

In today's urban lifestyle, stress is a prevalent occurrence, but whether the correct atmosphere can be accomplished, such stress is either controlled or controllable. Balancing your body on a bean bag chair is one of the strongest potential methods of relieving tension and bringing your rhythm back. Stress relieving activities such as yoga can be perfectly practiced at every moment of the day on a bean bag cushion. This kind of chair is the least costly cosy chair you can find around these days, and like few other kinds of home furniture around, it does not take much room.

The medical benefits of using bean bag chairs

By using ergonomically crafted furniture that can establish the right sitting postures, many health conditions around the world today can be avoided. You would definitely end up with back pains, hip aches, fatigue, and joint strains if you use a normal chair, or sit in one position for lengthy periods of hours. But with the usage of a bean bag chair, as the chair shape changes, the body form and height would automatically match. This style of bag encourages ideal comfort that reduces emotional tension, fear, anxiety, and stress. This chair helps to mitigate the likelihood that back injuries might occur.

Good Environmental Choice

Do you want to contribute to not seeing all those trees chopped down? Many of our items use cotton for the outside. A few bean bags use shredded memory foam, but for stuffing the inner, most use EPS Polystyrene filler beads. In these materials, there is no wood used and EPS Polystyrene is eco-friendly. A serious global problem is deforestation. Global change and deforestation add to the decline of forests. Trees help the air remain clean and safe. You're changing the world anytime you purchase bean bag chairs instead of a conventional wooden chair.